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Resistors: RoHS 5/6 vs RoHS 6/6 Cheat Sheet

The CR vs CRG Cheat Sheet is a quick one-page guide that provides specific differences between Venkel’s RoHS 5/6 Thick Film Resistors and RoHS 6/6 Thick Film Resistors. The cheat sheet contains a graph highlighting differences in resistance range, sizes, power rating, TCR, tolerance, marking and compliance.

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PCN: Resistors (CSMS Series)

Part Marking change from a 4 digit marking code system to a 2 digit marking system. Due to the marking size of these components and limited space on the top of the component, a change to a 2-digit marking code utilizing an underscore (line) for marking designation will now be used. This will make the marking code more legible.

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Whitepapers and E-books

Whitepaper: The Definitive Guide to Surface Mount Resistor Selection

Chapter 1: Background Resistors impede current flow, causing a voltage drop when placed in an electrical circuit. Both alternating and direct currents are impeded by perfect resistors. The unit for resistance is Ohms (Ω), named after German physicist Georg Ohm. An Ohm is defined as the amount of resistance required to create a voltage drop of 1 volt (V), when the current flow is 1 Ampere (A). From a dimensional standpoint, an Ohm is defined as: Where: m is meter Kg is Kilogram s is second C is Coulomb J is Joule S is Siemens F is Farad W is

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Chip Resistors Part 3: Applications and Considerations

This is Part 3 of a 3 Part Series Chip Resistors Part 1: The Basics Chip Resistors Part 2: Types Chip Resistors Part 3: Applications and Considerations (this article) Greetings designers! In my last post we discussed several types of chip resistors and applications. In this post, we will discuss some application factors as well as important considerations. Applications Resistors are used in numerous applications, such as current sensing, circuit tuning, voltage dividing, gain setting, high frequency terminations and myriad high voltage and high power applications. Many of these applications may also be environmentally challenging, such as high temperature, high

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