We all love our electronic devices from smart phones, tablets, laptops and Ipods. Not to mention the new cutting edge technology of the smart watches. Whether we love these devices or they rack our brains trying to figure out how to work them, they are vital to our work. They help us stay up-to-date with current world news and also help organize our days. However you feel about them there is no turning back now. The future is going to involve them. If you use these for work or just for personal use it is a luxury to have this type of technology at our finger tips.

Although these little devices help us and somewhat make our lives easier (depends who you are talking to), they do have an effect on the world we live in.

Come Again?!

Yes they have an effect in the world you and I both live in. E-waste has become an issue that could get out of control if we don’t get a handle on it. With companies not properly recycling the electronic devices, it’s leading to issues that will soon have an effect on how we live in the future.

What effects am I talking about?

I came across this infographic created by Vangel Inc. using figures form 2013 titled “The State of E-Scrap”. Here are some topics this infographic covers:

What percentage of electronics is actually being recycled
Minerals that can be recovered by recycling cell phones
Countries that are shipped recycled electronics
This infographic grabbed my attention, to know that only 25% of households electronics are recycled. That is crazy. Not to mention the average American replaces their cell phones at least every 22 months.

If you want to learn more about this topic view the infographic below and I hope this can help shine some light on how e-waste could become a problem if we don’t come up with a solution.


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